Q Questions

Progress of the Work

I thought up a more efficient and more accurate way to collate the information.  Gathering up the 4Chan posts has been done. There are more than half a million of them! No wonder this has been such an overwhelming task. (There’s only one of me working on this blog.) I’ve got a way mostly built for compiling complete posts with answers. Some questions and answers have been separated out. A few posts have been updated since then. I’m still working on tagging questions and answers. Remember, there are more than half a million posts in the raw data! My first priority is to work with posts from the “maps” as well as all of the Q tripcode posts. This has been done through this time.

One hardworking Anon maintains a spreadsheet of answers that he has been gathering up.  I’ve managed to incorporate some of those answers as well.  Items from the spreadsheet are displayed with a different font.  Spreadsheet answers are displayed in rounded rectangles with no conversation arrows like this.  His answers are tagged as:

high confidence
mid confidence
low confidence

I am also in the process of linking posts that answer those questions to the questions. I have devised a way to AUTOMATICALLY create the blog posts from all of that linked information. I just finished preserving the manually linked information that I already had, and I am now working on the automated method. I will then be able to regenerate the blog posts in batch runs after each session of linking up the questions and answers. With over half a million posts to work with, that is absolutely essential! The more automation and programmed assistance I can create, the quicker I can get through this material.  Once done, I will update the blog here again.

The next step after that will has been to bring in the later posts from another board similar to 4chan. The people running that board do not want links back to that board, so those links will be removed in the public site. The Q posts from those boards have been brought in now.

The next step will be to get the spreadsheet information to properly link to the newer posts. The indexing system had to change when Q began moving from board to board, and the new system has not been fully implemented yet.

After that, I plan to search out the posts that have links that aren’t backlinks so that I can review links that might point to good evidential sources, which was a major purpose of Q’s project. Not only is this needed for prosecutions, but it is important for the public to have these as well so that they can understand what has happened to this country and this planet.

I’ve also developed better tagging tools, so you should see greater and greater incorporation of tagging as time goes on. This will make it easier for you to see how different people, places, events, and organizations link together.