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Tick Tock is back on the menu boys! Based Hannity No.147169429

>Vice President George Bush may have worked for the Central Intelligence Agency in 1963
>The magazine article, written by Joseph McBride, also quoted an unidentified source ”with close connections to the intelligence community” as saying Mr. Bush ”started working for the agency in 1960 or 1961, using his oil business as a cover for clandestine activities.”
>The magazine said Mr. Hoover’s memo was recently discovered among 98,755 pages of bureau documents released in 1977 and 1978 in connection lawsuits brought under the Freedom of Information Act.

At the time the memo was written, Mr. Bush was running the Houston-based Zapata Off-Shore Company, which the magazine said gave Bush an opportunity to do extensive overseas travel, including trips throughout the Caribbean. In 1964, Mr. Bush ran unsuccessfully for the Senate.


where’s this Memo?

bush can’t recall

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